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Never again long disturbing links. Easier to type and analyze system.

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Shorter, analysis, safety

Shorter link

Make a shorter link out of a long link and use less space. Make it clearer and easy to write off. Long links are not only confusing but can be used at e.g. Emails cause problems. They can be cut right in the middle of it and will not work properly. Short links, on the other hand, are not cut off so quickly.

Analyze the traffic

You posted your link somewhere and do not know if anyone ever clicked on it? Not only can you find out with DHSH if someone clicked on it, but also from which country, from which device and on which browser. You can also find out where he comes from and where he found the link.

Secure link

You are sending a link? Be sure this site does not contain fours. So you can pishing and hiding other people DHSH has a four-way protection on the short links. If DHSH suspects a virus or a phishing, a corresponding message is issued. Dan everyone can decide if he takes the risk. The links are checked regularly if the content changes.